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About Mutual Missions Inc.

A Little Bit About Us

                                        WHAT IS MUTUAL MISSIONS?

Mutual Missions is a non-profit church ministry founded and directed  by Dr. J. Mark Hollingsworth to “come along side” an existing ministry and/or minister for a period of time (usually a week or two) for the purposes of stabilizing, training, developing, and especially encouraging the ministers in the ministry.

Mutual Missions is supported financially by churches and individuals who understand the need for such a ministry (Pastors whose churches support Mutual Missions $25.00 or more per month receive Sermon Supply Ministry free of charge). 

There are so many struggling churches that need stabilizing and so many discouraged preachers who need moral support (and even training or refreshing), it has proven to be a life-saving experience for many ministries and ministers just to have someone “come along side” for a few days or weeks.

Of course, even established churches need some specialized help in certain weak areas of their ministry from time to time.  Dr. Hollingsworth specializes in Bible Conference preaching and “Evangelism Discipleship” training for local churches.  He also teaches the pastoral staff crash courses in homiletics and counseling, as well as a teacher training courses to Sunday School teachers.


Right now Mutual Missions is involved in three areas of help.

1. – is our in-depth training course and is a virtual ministry manual, especially helpful for young ministers.

2. – is our sacred church ministry training school for those who need to start or finish or refresh their ministry education.

3. – is our way to help busy preachers with the task of getting ready to preach the word. We are “the preachers partner in preparation.”


For the past ten years we have operated an office in Bogalusa, Louisiana.  We are now working on plans to establish a conference and retreat center in Colorado.  This would provide a place for preachers and their families to refresh and refuel in an atmosphere that clearly shows forth God’s revelation to man.


Preachology Bible Institute stands for the fundamentals of the faith described as:

The verbal inspiration of the Bible, the deity of Christ, His virgin birth, His blood atonement, His bodily resurrection, salvation by grace through faith in Christ and the bodily return of our Lord Jesus Christ to set up His eternal kingdom.

Statement of Faith

1. We believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible, authoritative Word of God and is the all sufficient rule in matters of faith and practice.

2. We believe in the historical accuracy of all Biblical accounts including: special creation as it occurred during six literal days, the existence of Adam and Eve as the progenitors of all people, the fall and resultant divine curse on creation, and the worldwide flood.

3. We believe in the triune God, existing in three persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three are co-eternal and co-equal from all eternity, each with distinct personalities but of one essence. God is sovereign, unchangeable and perfect in all His attributes. He is worthy of honor, adoration, and obedience.

4. We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born miraculously of a virgin, sinless in His humanity, and complete in His deity as the second person in the Trinity. His suffering and literal death was a substitutionary sacrifice for the sin of the world. He was buried and rose again bodily and ascended into heaven.

5. We believe that man is totally depraved and salvation from the eternal penalty of sin is provided solely by the grace of God through personal faith in His person and work.

6. We believe in the personal work of the Holy Spirit which includes conviction of sin, regeneration of sinners, and indwelling believers.

7. We believe that Satan is a fallen angel, the archenemy of God and man, the unholy god of this world, for whom the place of eternal punishment was prepared, where all who die outside of Christ shall be confined in conscious torment for eternity.

8. We believe in the bodily return of Christ to establish His literal eternal Kingdom.